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The Foundry is one of North America's premier distributors of gas, wood,
pellet, and electric hearth products.

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With over 50,000 square feet and an inventory over $4,000,000, we commit to having in stock the thousands of items listed in our comprehensive Foundry catalog.

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Our Commitment

For over 30 years, across Canada, dedicated to maintaining our small business, customer focused roots, The Foundry has been one of Ontario’s leading distributors of hearth, barbecue and outdoor products offering quality brands at competitive pricing.

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Our Product Lines

Stoves & Fireplaces

The Foundry offers a remarkably wide variety of fireplaces. From extremely traditional to highly contemporary; square, rectangular, linear and see-through viewing areas and wood, natural gas, propane, pellet and electric options.

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Our barbecue lineup features brands that are high quality and competitively priced. These various grills burn charcoal; pellets; propane or natural gas, and our styles range from traditional smokers, to stainless steel, to the latest colour designs.

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Outdoor Living

An exclusive supplier of the tremendously popular and highly affordable Ooni outdoor ovens, Ooni comes in various sizes which burn a variety of fuels. Additionally, our selection of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and the acclaimed Infratech electric outdoor heaters can transform any outdoor living space.

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Our Brands


Our sister company, Cookstoves Canada, specializes in extremely versatile wood-fired cookstoves which can heat, cook and bake. We offer one of the most contemporary wood ranges and few companies know as much about wood cookstoves as we do!

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Chimney & Venting

Proudly, we are one of the largest distributors of the highly respected ICC Residential brand of chimney and venting products. Made in Quebec, ICC has a broad range of products for venting multiple fuel types such as wood, natural gas, propane and pellet.

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We supply a large assortment of accessories for all hearth needs, including décor, maintenance, and repair products. A great addition to these products, are our very own hearth pads manufactured by our sister company By The Fire, which are sold across North America.

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